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Finally, Realistic Practice Exams for your ARRT Test
with Detailed Explanations for Every Question!
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-- Karen   

Testimonials are exceptional, and not necessarily typical, results.

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At we have just one goal: to help you prepare for your ARRT exam.

Our practice exams are designed specifically to help you ace your ARRT exam. We offer full-length practice exams in 11 different ARRT subjects that help you prepare for the real exam in several key ways:

  1. Topics covered
  2. Level of difficulty
  3. Time-limit (or you can customize it)
  4. Navigation
  5. Look-and-Feel

And the best part is that after you take our practice exams, you will have permanent access to each exam's review page with step-by-step explanations! The review page includes the following for every question on the exam:

  1. The question content
  2. All of the answer choices
  3. The answer choice you selected
  4. The answer that is correct
  5. A detailed step-by-step explanation

We have all heard the phrase "practice makes perfect" , but is it true? We firmly believe it is. But to what degree depends on several factors. These factors include frequency, accuracy, and reinforcement. All of which play an important role. We also believe that detailed feedback is the most critical. Because without proper feedback, practice can become ineffective and counterproductive.

Our unique practice exam environment is the closest thing you will find to the real exam, with one exception: We tell you when you're right and when you're wrong, and most importantly we explain why! Our exams provide you with step-by-step explanations in an easy to understand format that will help you master the subject matter as quickly and easily as possible.

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Do not risk finding out while you are taking the real ARRT exam that you are not prepared. Instead, go in knowing that you are prepared. Here are ten great reasons why is your #1 source for passing your ARRT exam.

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   2. Our practice exams are designed to have a similar look-and-feel of the real exam. So when you take the actual exam, you will already be completely familiar with its navigation and behavior.

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   6. After you complete a exam, we provide your raw score (how many you answered correctly) and our estimate of the score you would receive if you were taking the real exam.

   7. As you complete your practice exams, we show you which questions you answered correctly, which ones you answered incorrectly, and provide detailed step-by-step explanations for every single question on the exam!

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We offer full-length practice exams for the following subjects:
  Test Name Test
Tests Ques.

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)

Topics Covered on ARRT Bone Densitometry
  • Patient Factors and Instrumentation - 49%
  • DXA Procedures -
    DXA Scanning of Lumbar Spine - 20%   
    DXA Scanning of Proximal Femur - 20%   
    DXA Scanning of Forearm - 11%
ARRT Bone Densitometry BONE 15 75

Topics Covered on ARRT Cardiac-Interventional Radiography
  • Equipment and Instrumentation - 21%
  • Patient Care - 24%
  • Cardiac-Interventional Procedures - 55%
ARRT Cardiac-Interventional Radiography CI 15 100

Topics Covered on ARRT Computed Tomography
  • Patient Care and Safety - 17%
  • Image Procedures - 50%
  • Physics and Instrumentation - 33%
ARRT Computed Tomography CT 20 100

Topics Covered on ARRT Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography
  • Radiation Protection - 22.5%
  • Equipment Operation and Quality Control - 11.0%
  • Image Acquisition and Evaluation - 22.5%
  • Image Procedures - 29%
  • Patient Care and Education - 15.0%
ARRT Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography LSPR 10 100

Topics Covered on ARRT Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Patient Care - 16%
  • Imaging Procedures - 30%
  • Data Acquisition and Processing - 32%
  • Physical Principles of Image Formation - 22%
ARRT Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI 15 100

Topics Covered on ARRT Mammography
  • Patient Care: Education and Assessment - 11%
  • Instrumentation and Quality Assurance - 23%
  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology - 20%
  • Mammographic Technique and Image Evaluation - 19%
  • Breast Imaging Procedures - 27%
ARRT Mammography MAMM 15 100

Topics Covered on ARRT Radiography
  • Radiation Protection - 22.5%
  • Equipment Operation and Quality Control - 11.0%
  • Image Acquisition and Evaluation - 22.5%
  • Image Procedures - 29%
  • Patient Care and Education - 15.0%
ARRT Radiography RAD 10 100

Topics Covered on ARRT Registered Radiologist Assistant
  • Patient Communication, Assessment, and Management - 18%
  • Drugs and Contrast Materials - 15%
  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology - 26%
  • Radiologic Procedures - 19%
  • Radiation Safety, Radiation Biology, and Fluoroscopic Operation - 19%
  • Medical-Legal, Professional, and Governmental Standards - 8%
  • Case Studies - 4%
ARRT Registered Radiologist Assistant RRA 10 96 + 4 essay

Topics Covered on ARRT Sonography
  • Patient Care - 8%
  • Physical Principles of Ultrasound - 32%
  • Abdominal Procedures - 21%
  • Obstetrical and Gynecological Procedures - 30%
  • Superficial Structures and Other Sonographic Procedures - 9%
ARRT Sonography SONO 10 100

Topics Covered on ARRT Vascular-Interventional Radiography
  • Equipment and Instrumentation - 15%
  • Patient Care - 17%
  • Procedures -
    Neurologic - 8%   
    Abdominal - 16%   
    GU and GI, non vascular - 10%   
    Peripheral - 12%   
    Dialysis - 7%   
    Venous Access - 5%
ARRT Vascular-Interventional Radiography VI 20 100

International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD)

Topics Covered on ISCD Certified Clinical Densitometrist
  • Overview of Low Bone Mass and Osteoporosis - 15%
  • Imaging Technology in Bone Health - 23%
  • Clinical Application of Bone Densitometry - 32%
  • Prevention and Risk Assissment - 16%
  • Treatment of Low Bone Mass and Osteoporosis - 14%
ISCD Certified Clinical Densitometrist CCD 5 100

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